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Quick Bulk Bottle Drop-Off Service in Edmonton

Quick Drop!

With Millwoods’ Quick Drop, come to our Depot but stay in your car!

Open an account (first time only – it’s easy), drop off your containers, get a receipt, and be on your way. We will count your containers and send your payment within 3 days by Interac email.

Quick Drop: Quick, Easy, Done!

Bottle Drop-Off Service

Still Have Questions?

We have answers, including info about which types of containers we take and more.


Here, we have presented some of the comments sent to us by our many satisfied customers. If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to share your story and we’ll put it online while protecting your identity.

Amazing Bottle Depot

“Easy, fast, and trust worthy. Simple yet amazing Bottle Depot, Could honestly say that I officially have my 'go to' bottle depot! All these positive reviews are not a sham, don't worry!”

- Christian

Best Bottle Depot

“Staffs were very courteous and polite. Their hours are awesome. Very easy to on transit to access. Best bottle depot I have been to in the city. Highly recommend this depot!!”

- Kristin

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