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Bulk Bottle Drop-Off Service in Edmonton

Millwoods Bottle Depot offers a special bottle drop-off service in Edmonton for customers with large loads in the $500 range or higher. This service is perfect for those who:

  • Don’t have time to do any pre-sorting

  • Don’t have time to wait around while our staff sort and count their load

A $500 load is at least two full pick-up truck loads or a small cube van. The following example is for a typical full pick-up truckload.

Type# of Bundles# of ContainersRefund Value
Cases of beer25 cases x 12 bottles in each300 @ $0.10$30.00
Bags of mixed over and under 1-litre containers

25 bags x 60 containers in each


20% OVER> 1L

80 % 1L or UNDER

300 @ $0.25$75.00
1200 @ $0.10$120.00
Total Value of the Full Truck Load$225.00

This assumes a typical mix of beer, under litre and over litre containers, and no contamination with non-refundable containers or garbage.

You should consider our bulk-load drop-off service if you are:

  • Providing a residential or apartment bottle collection service using a large van or trailer

  • Doing care-taking or janitorial services for large offices, schools or cafeterias

  • Responsible for container returns for a big wedding or special event

  • Responsible for container returns for a large commercial establishment (e.g. bar or restaurant)

Bulk loads for drop-off must be:

  • Clean (i.e. no garbage)

  • Free of broken glass

  • At least $500 or more in volume (average)

How it Works

  • Contact us first to discuss your situation and make sure this service fits your needs. At this time, we’ll set up your account or other payment option.

  • Schedule your drop-off at least 24 hours in advance by calling 780-944-6922 or emailing us.

  • Bring your bulk load in at the scheduled time, and we will help you off-load it at our bulk load service area.

  • No waiting! Our staff will sort and count your load during a slower period of the day, or if necessary, after hours. Our reputation and track record for honesty and accuracy guarantee you a fair and accurate count.

  • You will receive the final count, a detailed tally chit, and payment by whatever means is most convenient for you.

  • In return for help with off-loading, saving you several hours of waiting while we process your load, and eliminating any need for you to open bags or handle the containers again, we charge a flat-rate service fee of $40, which is deducted from your refund. However, we can waive this fee for customers who bring in loads that meet our basic expectations of:

    • Minimal garbage
    • Most glass in boxes (not bags), and no broken glass
    • Arriving within the agreed-upon time window that you scheduled for drop-off
    • Meeting or exceeding $500 in the refund value

For more information or to discuss this service option further, email or call us and leave a clear message.

Still Have Questions?

We have answers, including info about which types of containers we take and more.

Read FAQs


Here, we have presented some of the comments sent to us by our many satisfied customers. If you’d like to contribute to the conversation, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to share your story and we’ll put it online while protecting your identity.

Amazing Bottle Depot

“Easy, fast, and trust worthy. Simple yet amazing Bottle Depot, Could honestly say that I officially have my 'go to' bottle depot! All these positive reviews are not a sham, don't worry!”

- Christian - 05/11/2020

Best Bottle Depot

“Staffs were very courteous and polite. Their hours are awesome. Very easy to on transit to access. Best bottle depot I have been to in the city. Highly recommend this depot!!”

- Kristin - 05/11/2020

Great Service

“Terrific service dropping off a year of saved up bottles is always made very easy work with the great service I have always experienced at Millwood's Bottle Depot. Kudos to the well trained and helpful staff.”

- Barry - 05/11/2020

Very Pleasant Experience

“Great Staff, Quick Service and a well managed and maintained facility. We have tried many places, and this is by far the best of its kind. The management treat and pay the staff well, so the staff are happy, and it shows. The place is also well organized, and well stocked, so staff can focus on their jobs and not walking around looking for things. The staff are also well trained, and understand what they are supposed to do. With all this in place, it makes for a very pleasant experience for the customer.”

- Myriam - 05/11/2020

Quick, Efficient, and Accurate

“Easily the BEST DEPOT around Mill wood. And my place for the purpose for last 15 years. Quick, efficient and accurate/ honest to last grab from tray, the staff is sincere, welcoming and eager to help you. Sufficient number of service lines, parking slots and fast disposals are hallmarks of this environmental friendly place”

- Ravi - 05/11/2020

Accurate & Honest

“Great location, fast & courteous staff, accurate & HONEST tallies! Definitely my favourite bottle depot. Well worth a few extra minutes of driving to know it's all done right! Two thumbs up!”

- Hux - 05/11/2020

Friendly Staff

“This is the closest depot to me, but even if it wasn’t I’d probably go a little out of my way. They work hard and fast and I’ve always found the staff very friendly. They have an option to donate your cans, which I love. And they have a sink with air hand dryers which I also appreciate.”

- Genevieve - 05/11/2020

A Pleasure to Deal With

“I've been a patron of Millwoods Bottle Depot for about 10 years. Which is saying a lot since I've lived in different parts of the city during that time. What keeps me coming back is the combination of fast service (several attendants to choose from), the transparency of their running tallies shown to you on a screen, and their strong community focus. Just a pleasure to deal with them. They've always been accommodating to our larger bulk drop offs, and the staff are genuinely friendly, which is rare amongst other depots, from what I've been told. I would proudly endorse this company for anyone looking to be impressed with each visit. Keep up the good work ;-)”

- Chris - 05/11/2020


“The Millwoods Bottle Depot is amazing! The staff are friendly, accurate and efficient. It is the only bottle depot that I attend because the overall experience (every experience) is second to none. The staff at this location work hard and are more than happy to accommodate their customers and this is so appreciated. I wish for all the staff at this depot a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! A big 'thank you' to all of you!”

- Angela S. - 05/11/2020

Friendly Staff and Great Service

“The best bottle depot in the city by far! Friendly staff, fast paced and great service. I have been coming here for years and won’t go anywhere else. Me and my son also love the smell of the hand soap (bubblegum I believe), so we’re always happy walking out of there with good smelling hands after.”

- Samantha - 05/11/2020

Exceptional Staff!

“I did my first bottle drive raising funds for Habitat for Humanity! The staff was exceptional! They were friendly and quick and made me feel very welcome!! I'll definitely do another one with them! Thanks for everything!”

- Jane E. - 05/11/2020

Super Quick Service

“Came to your depot for the first time this week and was surprised to find out you have two store fronts for serving customers. Thanks for the super quick service!”

- James H. - 05/11/2020

Nothing but Accommodating

“We just had our 3rd bottle drive at the Millwoods Bottle Depot! They have been nothing but accommodating. They have great personable staff whom are both efficient and hard working! Would easily recommend this bottle depot to anyone looking.”

- Alix E. - 05/11/2020

The Friendliest Depot on the South Side

“This is friendliest depot on the South side by far. The people seem to actually like answering questions about recycling and will tell you what bottles you can get returns on.”

- Shane H. - 05/11/2020

Fast and Courteous Service

“My young sons and I have been coming to the Millwoods Bottle Depot for over 8 years and we have been very happy with the fast and courteous service we receive. In fact we look forward to going to this depot only as it has become a tradition for us 3 or 4 times a year and we have made a game of guessing what the outcome of the number of bottles will be and then we would go for breakfast after. When the robot was at the depot one summer it was a lot of fun to see it and how the operation works inside. Most importantly the count of the bottles from the staff has been very accurate and we are always pleased with the payout. Keep up the excellent work!”

- Michael K. - 05/11/2020

The Best Bottle Depot in the City

“This place is the best bottle depot in the city. The staff are always friendly and greet you warmly. The service is fast and accurate. They also take the time to ask how your day is going making it an overall positive experience! Merry Christmas!”

- Chayne B. - 05/11/2020

Highly Recommended

“The best place to take your bottles!! They are quick and very friendly!! They also have the screen so you can see how many bottles were counted and how much money you will get back!! Highly recommended!”

- Mark P. - 05/11/2020

No Need to Go Anywhere Else

“No need to go to any other bottle depot. Great set up, quick, efficient, and they got screens for you to watch your bottle count if you wish. Furthermore, they have draws to win stuff. What bottle depot does that? Only Millwoods Bottle Depot.”

- Colin K. - 05/11/2020

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