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Make Your Edmonton Bottle Drive a Success

Let Millwoods Bottle Depot help make your Edmonton bottle drive a success! Just bring the volunteers and energy, and we will provide the facilities and know-how to help you efficiently raise cash for your team, club, school, church group or any other worthwhile cause.

We do not charge a sorting fee!

Tips for a Successful Bottle Drive

  • Plan well in advance. Advertise and promote your drive to the households you plan to pick up from. Remember, you are asking for donations so be sure to profile your cause.
  • Have enough volunteers to pick up bottles door-to-door, and also to sort at your staging site or the depot. Plan to cover a lot of ground!
  • Know the numbers and be prepared to handle A LOT of beverage containers to make it worthwhile. 
  • If you have a typical mix of large and small containers, and no ineligible (non-refundable) containers, then two packed-full mini-vans or one fully-loaded pick-up truck might contain $225 or so in refunds (at the most). See the example below.
Type # Bundles # of Containers Refund Value
Cases of beer 25 cases,x 12 bottles in each 300 @ $0.10 $30.00
Bags of mixed over and under 1-litre containers 25 bags x 60 containers in each
20%,OVER> 1L
80 % 1L or UNDER
300 @ $0.25 $75.00
1200 @ $0.10 $120.00
Total Value of the Full Truck Load $225.00

The Size of Your Drive and How We Can Help

Millwoods Bottle Depot works with three sizes of bottle drives and offers different service options for each.

Small Bottle Drives

  • These constitute anything less than 4 pick-up truck loads or 7 van loads (full).
  • They usually have a value of $900 or less.
  • Please call and provide us with at least three days of advance notice so we have enough staff and can book time at the back stations.
  • Pre-sort your containers at your staging area. This is a minimum amount of sorting. 
  • For faster processing and less waiting at the depot, do a full sort. This involves separating containers under 1 litre and over 1 litre.

    Under 1-litre containers should be separated into:

    • Beer bottles
    • Aluminum cans 
    • Clear plastic “P.E.T.” 
    • Glass bottles 
    • Tetra Brik juice boxes
    • Other containers

    Over 1-litre containers should be separated into:

    • Semi-transparent or solid “H.D.P.E.” plastic (2L and 4L milk and juice jugs)
    • Clear plastic “P.E.T.” (large pop)
    • Glass bottles (wine or liquor) 
    • Cardboard “gable-top” (milk and juice) cartons 
    • Other containers

    There are two options for full sorts:

    • Option 1: Bring your pre-sorted loads into our back stations at the scheduled time. You can unload directly off the tailgate to the counting tables and have two or three of your volunteers stay and work with our staff to quickly process the load.
    • Option 2: Bring your pre-sorted loads in for drop off at our bulk load service area and after unloading your volunteers can head home. Our staff will process your drive after hours or next day. You will receive the final count, a detailed tally chit, and payment by whatever means is most convenient for you. Our reputation for honesty and accuracy guarantees you an accurate count.

    Medium Bottle Drives

    • These consist of more than 4 full pick-up truck loads, 7-8 van loads, or a good-sized cube van.
    • They usually have a value of $1,000 or more.
    • We require you to book the drive with at least 4 days advance notice, but we recommend booking earlier (more in advance) if at all possible.

    We welcome and encourage medium-sized drives that pre-sort at their own collection and staging area. However, as long as you can ensure the minimum volume, we will provide on-site support for drop-off and sorting at the depot, that includes:

    • A dedicated staff member.
    • Quick training for sorting and advice for your volunteers.
    • Space for unloading and sorting in our back service area.
    • Tables, boxes and large shipping bags.
    • You will need at least 4 sorting volunteers to work with our staff to sort, count and process the load (or more for a larger drive).

    Large Bottle Drives

    Millwoods Bottle Depot hosts several bottle drives each year that exceed $4,000 in value. We plan for and support these drives on a customized basis. A large drive at this scale:

    • Usually has an off-site staging area for collecting and sorting containers closer to the neighbourhood where the bottle drive is being held. These staging areas are needed to support a large number of vehicles and volunteers (for example, a school yard, sports centre, fire station, or an industrial or commercial service bay).
    • Allows us to supply one or two staff, sort, and transfer shipping supplies to your staging area in your neighbourhood.
    • May justify rental of a large truck to get containers back to the depot more efficiently.
    • Requires advance booking of at least two weeks.
    • Requires reasonable evidence of your track record in achieving large volumes in previous drives.

    Booking Your Bottle Drive

    Always book your bottle drive with us well in advance. Otherwise, we can’t ensure you’ll get any extra help or special use of our facilities, and you may spend a lot of time waiting.

    To inquire about a bottle drive, please call us and leave a clear message with your name, phone number, and the name of the group doing the fundraising. We’ll call you back within 24 hours. You can also fill out our bottle drive request form.

    Request a Bottle Drive


    Still Have Questions?

    We have answers, including info about which types of containers we take and more.

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